Winter National Pomona; Unlucky Start for H&L

It is very unfortunate that we must announce a pause to the start of our Hancock and Lane 2018 race season. After an action-packed off-season of working on the Comp car and Super Stocker, and an even busier last two months putting together perhaps one of the best engineered Stock Eliminator 73 Corvettes we’ve seen, we had an unfortunate incident.
While traveling to Pomona for the first NHRA race of the season, we had a battery fire in the new Vette inside the trailer. The fire burned the Corvette badly and caused significant damage to the other two cars and the trailer.
Through quick action by Steve “Cookie” Schwab and other friends, who stopped to help us on the side of the road, the other cars and the trailer were saved!
The Vette is going to need a complete rebuild. We hoped to share this car with everyone this weekend as a grand reveal, but instead I’m posting before and after pictures here and on Facebook.
The Cobalt and the Cavalier are now our main priority. They will need significant work to get back to track condition at Jeff’s level of meticulous detail. We will be completely dismantling these two cars and checking them over for any possible heat damage as well as cleaning the smoke and soot from every crack and crevasse.
Jeff and Cody put a significant investment in the new Vette. Cody actually sold his daily driver to finance his share of this new car.
I’m starting this go fund me to help support them in this unexpected expense of restoring the Cobalt and Cavalier as well as help them get their trailer back on the road. I’ve made an initial goal of $10,000. I can tell you from being there in Pomona to witness firsthand the devastation to the Corvette and the trailer as well as the damage to the other two cars, this amount WILL NOT cover the costs associated with this incident.
If you are a friend of Jeff or Cody, you know they would not ask you to participate in this sort of fund raising on their behalf….but IF you are a friend they have probably offered you help, or advice, or the occasional carburetor jet..etc. to you without asking anything in return when you needed it. Maybe you’ve come to the track and shared in the BBQ Jeff always puts out at the Northwest Nationals. Perhaps you’ve benefited from the work Jeff and Cody have done with the Comp Racers Association over the past few years. Whatever your connection, please consider giving to this go fund me to help them get the cars back up and running and back to the track as quickly as possible.
I’m posting to the Hancock and Lane Facebook to facilitate the go fund me account below.
Pat McCue

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