At Phoenix, we installed a new transmission, different torque converter stator, new rear brake system, and a different third member to see if we could figure out why our Cobalt was a little slow down low (early in our runs). This all paid off as the car responded well and we were back to our old form. We qualified #3 in the field and we won the first three rounds with competition singles and red lights by our competitors. In the final we raced Tony Mandella who was the #2 qualifier. The Hancock and Lane Cobalt had the better reaction time off the starting line and caught Tony early to hold on for the first win of our 2017 season. This is my 50th Divisional win and only the third person to do so (David Rampy and Peter Biondo are the other two)
In Super Stock, we qualified the Cavalier in the #1 spot for the second time this season (out of the three races we have attended). Cody was driving with a blinder for his first time ever (an adjustable card board cut out that blocks the first two yellow bulbs on the Christmas tree so you just react to the bottom yellow bulb). We had pretty good success as you have to keep your head real still, as Cody went thru 5 rounds of eliminations to face Ray Martin in the final round racing his new 2017 copo Camaro. Cody had a huge advantage at the green and easily won his FIRST divisional LODRS win.
The parachute was pulled on Cody’s car as his tradition when he wins a race, and the the crew celebrated shortly as they all had to leave to catch their flights.Steve our truck driver stayed behind with Cody and I to do the two car, Father and Son winner circle pictures before loading up everything and sending the rig on the road to our next stop in Las Vegas.

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