H&L Update 24th Feb 18

Saturday update:
Cobalt and Cavalier trunks dis-assembled, fresh fuel filters, wiped down, new sealer installed, batteries and fuel cell foam cleaned and put back together (Great job Ken and Cookie) Wings and chrome parts cleaned, tumbled and new hardware (looks perfect Peter) Interiors of both cars cleaned and we have installed a Oxone cleaning system in the Cobalt to give it a “new car smell” again (thanks to A-Street Automotive and Rob Gillett) Two transmissions are cleaned, polished and re-assembled (Thanks Gordy). Radiators are cleaned, polished and back to normal (3 nights of work, thanks Chuck) brakes are all rebuilt with new rotors, O-rings and pads (like brand new Pat)

We are into this rebuild process over 300 man hours so far. Trailer quote will be next week regarding repair. Corvette will be finished with Soda Blasting tomorrow (thanks Sal) Parts are heading to powder coat Monday. Hopefully pick up wheels from polish. Struts are at Fast Shocks. New battery donation from Frank Nelson (thanks Frank)

Next week will be starting to clean trailer contents. Keep you posted and thank you everyone for your help.

To keep update on progress please follow on;    https://www.facebook.com/jeff.lane.12

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